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Budini Incorporated is a company entirely specialized in developing, testing and perfecting tire management technology, in order to invent new tire management solutions.  Budini provides tire management tools and knowledge to every part of the supply chain.

Our mission is to be the leader provider of tire management software solutions in all the markets we serve, surpassing the expectations of our clients and partners.

Budini's tire management solutions are comprised by a combination of software applications, data collection tools, skills training, tested and proven tire management processes and at times highly specialized services.

Since 1982, Budini has developed hundreds of different software applications and solutions for our diverse customer base, which includes fleets of all sizes and vocations, tire dealers, tire and retread manufacturers, mileage contract providers, tire service providers and consultants in over 40 countries.

Budini's philosophy is to learn and share with customers our accumulated knowledge and experience in order to provide a unique solution to their specific needs. This philosophy is embedded in all of our products and services.

Our solutions are a reflection of successfully tested and proven technology and are always in a continuous process of evolution.

Check out our history page, which clarifies some of the reasons Budini is quite unique when compared to any other tire-related software provider.

We hope you enjoy and use the information on our site and that it leads to a beneficial, long-lasting, and win-win relationship between our companies. Feel free to send us feedback or questions through our contact page.

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